I Am the Master of My Emotions

I am not the master of my emotions. In fact, up til now I have been a slave to them. Everything I do is led by some feeling. Most think with their heads, while I…my poor poor soul…I think with my heart.

I used to justify my emotions by stating “If more people cared a little more, the world would be a better place.” I definitely think that is true. But caring a little more is different from caring way too much about absolutely everything.

Reflecting on current and past situations I have been faced with, I always thought I ended up hurt or too involved because I was thinking too hard. But now, I realize its because I feel too hard. I feel TOO hard. My happiness is amplified. My sadness is amplified. My anxiety, my love, my fear, my anger (which I rarely experience), my excitedness, even my ambivalence are all too amplified. I FEEL TOO HARD.

But you know what…fuck that. Starting today, my emotions are now my bitch. I will own them and master them if its the last thing I do…(was that too strong? Forgive me, my desire may have been a little too amplified).

Stay tuned…


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